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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 21:34

Paying for more days to get more km

Sometimes on a weekend rental, the price for 3 days might be the same as for 2 days, but with more km.

In such circumstances, if you pre-pay for 3 days and return after 1.5 days, can you still have the km allowance of the 3 days?

Many thanks



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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 21:45

Depending on the Tarif and the rental Company it may work like that.

But quite difficult to predict.
Dies ist nicht das Forum, wo man kostenlos Hinweise erhält, wie man kostenlos ECMR an jeder beliebigen Station bucht und ohne Aufpreis XDAR erhält.

Sachdienliche Hinweise, wo es dieses Forum gibt, dürfen jederzeit hier gepostet werden.



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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 22:59

It is difficult to give u a proper answer!

You pick up a car with a rental contract for maybe 3 days, regarding the Weekend Rates in Germany. Friday at noon till Monday, 09am.
In this case you will have a milage of 900km for free, normaly.

Due to that fact, it would be no problem to drop the car after 1,5 days with that milage, because you already payed for it.

Unfortunatly, sometimes the rental companies are working in a different kind of way and so they maybe will readjust the contract from 3 to 2 days.
In this case it would increase the costs for you, if you exceeded the milage for 2 days.

Most of the time we are recommanding in this chat to be fair to the companies and so they will do to you, too!!!
Explain to the rental agent what you are planning and they will give you a fair answer!
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