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Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016, 14:46

Vermietung in der Nähe


Sie nicht meine Sprache nichts, weil ich mit Google Translate getan haben.

Ich möchte ein schnelles Auto, wie die M-Version oder AMG oder RS zu mieten.
Vorzugsweise bis zu 2 Stunden Fahrt von Gronau.
Ich habe bereits Sixt, Europacar, fand STARCAR.

Kennen Sie irgendwelche anderen Vermietern?


Do not mind my language, because I have done with google translate.

I would like to rent a fast car such as the M version of AMG or RS.
Preferably up to 2 hours drive from gronau.
I already Sixt, Europacar, found STARCAR.

Do you know any other rental companies?



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Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016, 16:18

Hi Michel,

Here are a lot of people that are willing to help you to find the car you are looking for. Is there a specific car you are looking for or do you only need a car to go 250 kph on the German autobahn?
Sixt can offer you a nice bmw
Europcar offers the jaguar f type which is a car a lot of people here became addicted to.
If you check avis you can make a reservation for a Porsche.
Motion drive also might be an option, Porsche and Audi R8

Btw: this homepage also has a section "English only"

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