Sixt LTAR in Munich

  • Hi guys,

    Recently I made a (cancelable) reservation at Sixt for a LTAR category car in Munich. Apparently (assuming I get the BMW 4-Series) they have models ranging from 420 to 440. So my first question was: how is it possible you get for the same price either a 420 or a 440? Anyway, I'm picking up the car at Frankfurter Ring/BMW office and have no idea what model I will be provided with. What are the chances I get a model higher than a 420?

    I am hesitating if I should modify my reservation and opt for the non-convertible version (LSAR) which guarantees at least a 430.

    Any recommendations/tips or previous experience reservating at Frankfurter Ring office?

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Well that makes even less sense.. a C 180 for the same price as a (say) 440? On the other hand it is true I don't know if I will be getting a 4-series but I thought that if the office is named Frankfurter Ring/BMW all the premium cars they have would be BMW. Is that correct?

    Btw, could anyone please suggest what office has more premium cars or is best to get a good one?

    Thanks again!

  • 1. no, this is not correct.

    2. chances at the airport may be higher.

    As long as no one knows what convertibles are coming this summer, your thoughts are, sorry to say, pointless.

    Chances even in previous years to get a 440 were less than 10%.

    You are trying and hoping for something that is hardly realistic anyhow.

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  • I got a 440i Convertable at Munich Freimann last year, but only after I emailed them beforehand and nicely asked for it.

    If you want to have higher chances for larger engines, I would also suggest the airport. Even if they don't have a 440i, they might have something else that you like. At smaller stations it's eat or die, as we say in German. :)

  • Of course chances to get a 440 were low in previous years, but still you can receive very different products based on chances, not on price. But yeah, we'll see what convertibles are coming next summer.