Choice upgrade

  • Dear Mietwagen colleagues,

    I have booked a prepaid LDAR at Frankfurt Airport on coming Friday for 11 days. I usually upgrade choice, last time from a 430d to a S6 (2017), and I did not pay additional "kaution", kept the original block on my CC plus the upgrade fees.

    But with the new "kaution" (deposit) policy I am just wondering: is there is a standard policy if you choice upgrade, will the "kaution" also automatically go up to that level, lets say from 500euro LDAR to 1,500euro XDAR/XSAR? Or is this depending if you are lucky, like me last time with the S6.



  • it's depending on the willingness and the skill of the RSA in front of you.

    The system automatically pushes everything up to the categorie you receive via upsell, but the rsa can manually override it if you ask nicely.

    Happened to me several times, but I had a follow up reservation at that same office right after for most of the times, which might have influenced the decision a bit (so the client could still use his card and not every little € is blocked by Sixt, but I don't know for sure).