Sixt oder Europcar in Munchen

  • Hallo,

    Ich reise im April nach München. Ich mache eine Tour Reise durch Bayern und Österreich.

    Ich komme aus Dänemark.

    Ich werde den rest diese Fragen auf Englisch.

    I can't decide which company I should choose for my next rental. Europcar or Sixt?

    I have never tried Europcar. I have a lot of experience with Sixt.

    I have mostly good experience with Sixt, but last time was a big disappointment. In July 2022 I rented a LDAR-car at Köln/Hilton. I ended up with a BMW X3 M40I. A nice car but very dirty. Both inside and outside. It was not cleaned properly and there was small pieces of garbage inside. At the seats and under the seats there was some hair. The car was not varcuumed properly.

    Maybe now it's time to try Europcar?

    I am planning to pickup my rental car at MUC Airport or in Munchen Centrum

    I am thinking about a LDAR-rental(E350, E400, E450, 530, 540, A6 50, A6 55) but it could be nice to try something like a XDAR(A8, 7'er-serie, S-Klasse).

    So what do you guys recommend? Should I try Europcar for the first time? Or should I stay loyal to Sixt?

    Thank you very much/ Vielen Dank:)

    I am sorry about my poor German language skills