Sixt or Europcar

  • I live in Holland, so I can't speak German. I hope that you wil understand.

    I would like to rent a car in Germany for one week. It has to be a SUV( Audi q7, bmw X5) . But the problem is that I don't know which company is better Sixt or Europcar? I looked in the forums and I have seen a lot of cars Europcar AND Sixt. Can anyone tell me which company is better to rent. On the website of Europcar I have seen that they have a mercedes s-klasse, audi a8 and SUV's.They have more selection of SUV's than Sixt. So I'm hesitating between sixt and Europcar.?(I hope that somebody will help me.

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  • But the problem is that I don't know which company is better Sixt or Europcar?

    You will get a different answer from nearly every user here. The truth is: both car hire firms (Sixt and Europcar) have their advantages. So i would recommend you to compare the rates you have to pay and to choose the hirer on this backround.
    But if you like to drive BMW, Sixt will be the better choice. Otherwise, Europcar will be readily able to satisfy you with Audi. :202::203:

    by the way: i prefer Sixt, because I like BMW best ;)

  • As salex wrote, we can't simply say which one of these Rental Companys is the better one.

    for my personal situation and my preferences, there is no better company then sixt. but this is depending on various things.
    I'm sure, if you like SUV's there are some interesting cars that you can get at Europcar. Mercedes ML, or Audi Q7 for example.
    Sixt also has this cars. But they have much more BMW's than Europcar or every other company has. So if You like BMW - Sixt should be your choice.

    i recommend to you, that you check the prices of both. you should choose that one that feels better for you.

  • Or simply go to your nearest Sixt / Europcar station and ask for a SUV.

    In many cases it depends on the local station you choose, if you rent at an airport, it shouldnt be a problem to get a SUV. If you rent at a local station, you may visit them before to tell them what you would like to drive.

    So I guess it also depends on the amount of money you want to spend, just tell us the town where you want to rent the car and I'm sure we will help you out to get the best solution for you.


  • First of all, being Dutch myself (even from the Zwolle Region), I would like to give you a warm welcome at this forum.

    At Europcar, you will find the BMW X5, Mercedes ML, VW Touareg and the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the group "LFAR". The Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz GL are grouped in "XFAR". So if you order LFAR, you could risk to end up with an SUV you do not like (as you excluded the VW and Jeep).

    At Sixt, they have grouped the BMW X5 / X6, Mercedes Benz ML and Audi Q7 in "XFAR".

    When talking about equipment levels, in this class, usually (not always) the cars from Sixt and Europcar are comperable. They all have a diesel engine, leather, satnav, ParkDistanceControl, automatic gearbox, xenon headlights, electric seats and probably even more things.
    However, where would you like to rent the car? I would not only compare rates between Europcar and Sixt, but also if you can reach any station (in case you will travel from Holland).

    And always keep in mind, you do not order a specific car, you can only order a group!

    Good luck, let us know what you will decide and what car you got. ;)

  • Welcome to :206:

    Many tips are given. Please note, that you need for XFAR at Sixt an deposit of 2.600 € on your credit card. Just a tip.

    Yeah, and SUV's are restricted to people who are 25+ iirc.

  • I know that they have a limit. But it's not the first time for me. In December 2009 I rent a car at Sixt ( Essen Limbeckerplatz) in the category XFAR. The gave me a Volkswagen Touareg ( I preffered BMW x5), but it was really difficult to get the SUV. They said that they only had a Mercedes C-klasse. After a long talk they found a SUV in Dortmund.

    I would like to rent 30 April till 7 Mai and I really want a BMW x5 or Audi Q7 :thumbsup: . CAn somebody recceomnd me a good station close to holland??

  • I am not sure about the quality of the station, but if you want to have a higher chance on a good car I'd suggest you try an airport station. They usually have a wider variety of cars available. From Holland, I'd suggest trying either Köln / Bonn Flughafen or Düsseldorf Flughafen. If you can find a cheap fare on the ICE (from Arnhem, you can take the train from Zwolle), you also should be able to get there without any big inconvenience.

  • :thumbsup: everyone thank you for the reactions. I will go for :203: . I think I will send them a ''wishlist'' so that they know what kind of cars I prefer. I hope this time I get a BMW X5 or Audi Q7. Is the station of Sixt at the Dusseldorf Airport big?

  • If you book XFAR with Sixt a couple of days in advance, I dont see a reason, why you wouldnt get one, whatever the station is.
    However, DUS Airport probably has the most choice, but DUS HBF/ZENTRUM usually has at least one XFAR Jeep. They will be able to get one from the airport and you save the 20% airport fee.
    But it could be an ML as well...

  • I think the station close to holland. Duisburg,Oberhausen, Essen..... Which station do you recommend?

    I would recomand an Airport Station, maybe Düsseldorf Airport. It´s a big Airport und you have the choise between 4 Car Rental Companys (Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Hertz).
    The best time for an Airport rental will be the weekend (friday to sunday), because many businesstraveler rent their cars from Monday to Friday and they give the Cars back on friday afternoon. So the chance to get your favorite car , is much bigger than on the other days.

    Note: The depposit for all Cars at europcar is 200,- € and at sixt they will depposit in XFAR 2.600,- but i don´t know what they depposit in the other categories.

  • Hello Everybody,

    I rent more than 400 cars in germany and I know the quality of Sixt and Europcar.

    First of all Sixt is the biggest and the number one about the flotte (many new Bmw ,mercedes with full options,audi s-line....).But if you have some problem the customer service is very very bad. And the problem is if you want a big car sixt want a big deposit between 2600 and 4000eur.It's very crazy. When you book a car frequently the car it's not here and you bring an another group of car. Sometimes I book and when I go to the station no car for me and the worker tell me : excuse me everything it's gone. You now sixt does'nt matter and don't want a new customer. I made a lot of complain and I received any reply. :cursing:

    Europcar is the challenger. You can find more Audi in europcar less BMW but Europcar has the best customer service and invoice service. Europcar bring a very very small deposit between 200 and 1000eur max (for example I bring a Mercedes SL with only 1000eur deposit it's nothing). :202:

    To find a station close to your country I advise Aachen you can find Europcar and Sixt.

    Good night

  • Hi,

    I called a many times and the customer service doesn't want to resolve my problem. But with Europcar Germany all are easily. You know when you are a french customer the service is not the same because too many french driver made a big damage with a german ren a car. And now for Sixt if you make a damage or if you make too many km ,you go straight down in STOP LIST. I remember a lot of customer with an unlimited contract in stop list for the Km. it's crazy why the offer is unlimited. And the customer service doesn't matter.